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Wong Kar-wai

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Who's in it?

Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung

Tony Leung Chiu-wai

Tony Leung Chiu-wai

Chang Chen

Chang Chen

Gregory Dayton

Gregory Dayton

Wong Man-Chun

Wong Man-Chun

Ho Chi-Moon

Law Shu-Kei

Law Shu-Kei

Shirley Kwan Suk-Yi

A Tale of Love, Struggle, and Connection

"Happy Together," directed by the acclaimed filmmaker Wong Kar-wai in 1997, is a masterful depiction of a turbulent relationship and its evolving dynamics. Starring Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung, the film takes the audience on an emotional journey through the lives of a couple trying to reconcile their love amidst their contrasting personalities and constant conflicts.

Exploring Relationships and Identities

"Happy Together" unfolds the intricate story of a couple, Ho Po-wing (Leslie Cheung) and Lai Yiu-fai (Tony Leung), who travel to Argentina with hopes of rebuilding their tumultuous relationship. The film beautifully illustrates the transient nature of love and the pain and joy that accompany it. The nuanced portrayal of their struggles and moments of connection speaks volumes about human relationships and individual identities.

Visual Poetry and Emotional Depth

Wong Kar-wai's distinctive visual style and narrative technique are evident in "Happy Together," as he expertly intertwines imagery with emotions. The film's vivid and poetic cinematography, coupled with compelling performances from the lead actors, crafts an emotional tapestry, enabling the audience to deeply empathize with the characters' experiences and internal battles.

Where to Watch "Happy Together"

United States

There are currently no streaming offers in the US.

In the United States, "Happy Together" is available to stream on Max Amazon Channel, Max, Criterion Channel, and Rakuten Viki.


There are currently no streaming offers in the DE.

German audiences can purchase the film on platforms like Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, Rakuten TV, MagentaTV, and Chili.


There are currently no streaming offers in the BR.

In Brazil, the film is available for streaming on MUBI.


There are currently no streaming offers in the ES.

Spanish viewers can stream "Happy Together" on Filmin, Movistar Plus, MUBI, and MUBI Amazon Channel, and it is available for purchase on Rakuten TV.


There are currently no streaming offers in the FR.

In France, "Happy Together" is available to buy on Orange VOD, Canal VOD, LaCinetek, and Universcine.


There are currently no streaming offers in the CA.

Canadian audiences can stream the film on Criterion Channel and Rakuten Viki, and it is available to buy on digital TIFF Bell Lightbox.


"Happy Together" has been a recipient of various awards, celebrating its innovative cinematography and impeccable direction. The film's profound exploration of love and identity has earned it a distinctive place in the world of cinema, with particular acclaim for its artistic approach and narrative depth.

Interesting Facts

  • "Happy Together" marked a pivotal point in Hong Kong cinema, highlighting LGBTQ+ relationships with unparalleled sincerity and depth.
  • The profound performances of Leslie Cheung and Tony Leung have been revered globally, offering an intimate glimpse into the complexities of love and companionship.

"Happy Together" stands as a timeless piece of cinema, weaving visual artistry with human emotions. Wong Kar-wai’s ability to capture the essence of love and its multifaceted nature makes this film a resonant experience for audiences around the world. The film’s exploration of relationships, combined with its stylistic elegance, makes "Happy Together" a must-watch for those seeking a deeper understanding of love and human connection.

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