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Lindsay Lohan

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Tyra Banks

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Jere Burns

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Anne Marie DeLuise

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Garwin Sanford

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Tom Butler

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"Life-Size" is a delightful fantasy-comedy film that explores the unexpected consequences of a magical mishap. Released on March 5, 2000, this family-friendly movie was directed by Mark Rosman.


Casey Stuart, a young girl grieving the loss of her mother, attempts to use a magical book to bring her back to life. However, instead of resurrecting her mother, she accidentally brings her doll, Eve, to life.

Eve, a fashion doll, is suddenly thrust into the real world, and hilarity ensues as she tries to navigate human life with her doll-like understanding of the world. As Casey tries to find a way to turn Eve back into a doll, the two form a bond, and Casey learns valuable life lessons about love, loss, and acceptance.

Production Details:

Director: Mark Rosman

Producers: Ellen Rutter and David Kirschner

Screenplay Writer: Mark Rosman

The film was primarily shot in California, capturing the everyday life of an American suburb. The challenge of the production was to make the transformation of a doll into a human believable and to balance the comedic elements with the more emotional and heartfelt moments of the story.

Budget and Box Office Performance: "Life-Size" was produced with a modest budget, primarily as a television film for the Disney Channel and ABC. Its unique storyline and engaging performances made it a favorite among audiences, leading to its continued popularity and even a sequel, "Life-Size 2," released in 2018.

Where to Stream

Sadly there are no streaming platforms that are currently featuring this movie. We'll update this post as soon as there's a positive update on this topic.

Reception and Awards:

Critical Reception: Critics had mixed reviews about "Life-Size." While some praised the film for its charm and the performances of its lead actors, especially Tyra Banks as Eve, others felt the storyline was predictable. However, it was generally agreed that the film was entertaining and suitable for family viewing.

Audience Reception: The movie was well-received by its target audience, especially children and pre-teens. Many viewers found the concept of a doll coming to life fascinating and enjoyed the comedic antics that resulted from Eve's attempts to fit into the human world.

Awards and Nominations: Tyra Banks, who played Eve, received a nomination for a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Performer in a Children's Special.

Trivia and Fun Facts:

  1. Tyra Banks not only starred as Eve but also performed the catchy song "Be A Star" for the movie's soundtrack.
  2. Lindsay Lohan, who played Casey Stuart, was only 13 years old during the filming of "Life-Size."
  3. The film's success led to talks of a sequel shortly after its release. However, "Life-Size 2" was only released 18 years later, with Tyra Banks reprising her role as Eve.
  4. The character of Eve is reminiscent of the popular Barbie dolls, though the movie never explicitly mentions Barbie.

"Life-Size" remains a nostalgic favorite for many who grew up watching it. The film's blend of comedy, fantasy, and heartfelt moments makes it a memorable watch, and its message about dealing with grief and finding joy in unexpected places continues to resonate with audiences of all ages.

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