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Jeremy Gardner

Jeremy Gardner

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Alana O'Brien

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Larry Fessenden

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"The Battery," a 2012 independent horror film, offers a fresh and intense take on the zombie apocalypse genre. Written, directed, and edited by Jeremy Gardner, the film distinguishes itself by focusing on character dynamics and the psychological toll of survival in a desolate world.

Release Date and Director:

"The Battery" premiered on April 21, 2012, and Jeremy Gardner took on the roles of director, writer, and editor for this unique horror experience.


Set in a post-apocalyptic world overrun by zombies, the film follows two former baseball players, Ben (played by Jeremy Gardner) and Mickey (played by Adam Cronheim).

The duo is trying to navigate the treacherous landscape of New England as they deal with the challenges of survival, not just against the undead but also against the erosion of their friendship.

As the pair travels on foot, the film explores the psychological toll of isolation, desperation, and the constant threat of the undead.

With minimal dialogue and a focus on the mundane struggles of day-to-day survival, "The Battery" brings a raw and unfiltered portrayal of the human condition in the face of a zombie apocalypse.

Significance, Themes, and Why You Should Watch:

"The Battery" stands out in the zombie genre for its emphasis on character development and the exploration of the human psyche in the midst of a crisis. It challenges traditional expectations of zombie films, favoring a character-driven narrative over typical action-packed sequences.

The film delves into themes of friendship, loneliness, and the emotional toll of survival, making it a compelling watch for those seeking a more introspective take on the zombie apocalypse.

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Production Details:

Jeremy Gardner not only directed the film but also wrote the screenplay and edited the final cut. The low-budget production faced its challenges, with Gardner taking on multiple roles to bring his vision to life.

Filming locations in rural New England added authenticity to the desolate post-apocalyptic setting, but the team had to navigate the constraints of a limited budget.

Despite the challenges, Gardner's dedication and resourcefulness shine through in the final product. The film's budget constraints forced the team to be creative, resulting in a unique and atmospheric experience that sets "The Battery" apart from more mainstream zombie films.

Reception and Awards:

Critical Reception:

"The Battery" received praise for its unique take on the zombie genre, with critics highlighting its character-driven approach, atmospheric tension, and the chemistry between the two leads. The film's ability to create suspense without relying on traditional horror elements was particularly lauded.

Audience Reception:

While not a blockbuster, "The Battery" gained a cult following for its unconventional storytelling and genuine portrayal of characters. Audiences appreciated the film's departure from typical zombie tropes and its focus on the human side of the apocalypse.

Awards and Nominations:

The film, despite its indie status, earned recognition at various film festivals. It won awards for Best Feature Film at the New Orleans Horror Film Festival and the Gérardmer Film Festival in France, among others.

Trivia and Fun Facts:

  • To maintain a sense of realism, the filmmakers used practical effects for the zombie makeup, emphasizing a more grounded and gritty aesthetic.
  • The film's title, "The Battery," holds a double meaning, referring not only to the geographic location of the characters but also to the personal space they desperately try to maintain in their isolated journey.
  • Jeremy Gardner and Adam Cronheim, the two main actors, were friends in real life, adding authenticity to the on-screen camaraderie between their characters.

"The Battery" remains a noteworthy entry in the zombie genre, offering a refreshing perspective on the apocalypse while showcasing the creative prowess of a dedicated filmmaker working within the constraints of an independent production.

Whether you're a fan of horror, character-driven narratives, or unique filmmaking approaches, "The Battery" is a compelling and thought-provoking addition to the world of independent cinema.

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