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Who's in it?

Michael Pitt

Michael Pitt

Eva Green

Eva Green

Louis Garrel

Louis Garrel

Anna Chancellor

Anna Chancellor

Robin Renucci

Robin Renucci

Jean-Pierre Kalfon

Jean-Pierre Kalfon

Jean-Pierre Léaud

Jean-Pierre Léaud

Florian Cadiou

Florian Cadiou

Pierre Hancisse

Pierre Hancisse

Valentin Merlet

Valentin Merlet

Set against the backdrop of the 1968 Paris student riots, "The Dreamers" is a sensual tale of love, politics, and self-discovery. The film follows Matthew, an American exchange student, who befriends a French brother and sister duo, Theo and Isabelle.

As the trio's bond deepens, they retreat into their own world, shutting themselves off in the siblings' grand Parisian apartment. There, they explore their passions for film, challenge societal norms, and engage in a complex love triangle, all while the world outside is in turmoil.

Release Information

Release Date: February 6, 2004 (USA)

Duration: 115 minutes

Rating: NC-17 (for explicit sexual content)

Country of Origin: France, UK, and Italy

Cast & Crew

Main Cast:

  • Michael Pitt (Matthew)
  • Eva Green (Isabelle)
  • Louis Garrel (Theo)

Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Producers: Jeremy Thomas

Writers: Gilbert Adair (based on his novel "The Holy Innocents")

Where to Watch

United States (US)

There are currently no streaming offers in the US.

Stream: In the US, the movie is available for streaming on DIRECTV.

Buy/Rent: Currently, there are no buying or renting options available in the US.

Germany (DE)

There are currently no streaming offers in the DE.

Stream: Hallo Deutschland! For streaming, Germans can choose the Superfresh Amazon Channel.

Buy/Rent: Those looking to buy or rent can find the movie on Apple TV, Amazon Video, Google Play Movies, YouTube, maxdome Store, Chili, and Microsoft Store.

Spain (ES)

There are currently no streaming offers in the ES.

Stream: ¡Hola España! Spaniards can stream the movie on platforms such as Filmin, HBO Max, MUBI, Acontra Plus, and Tivify.

Buy/Rent: For those looking to buy or rent, the movie is available on Apple TV, Rakuten TV, and Acontra Plus.

France (FR)

There are currently no streaming offers in the FR.

Stream: Currently, there are no streaming options available in France.

Buy/Rent: Salut les amis! The movie is available for purchase or rent on Universcine and Bbox VOD.

Production Details

Production Company: Recorded Picture Company, Peninsula Films

Filming Locations: The film, set in Paris, was primarily shot on location in the city. Iconic locations like the Louvre Museum and the streets of Paris during the reenactment of the student riots provide an authentic backdrop to the narrative.

Budget: Approximately $15 million

Box Office Collection: Grossed over $15.1 million worldwide.

Awards & Nominations

While "The Dreamers" stirred controversy due to its explicit content, it also garnered appreciation for its bold storytelling, intricate character development, and homage to classic cinema. Some of its accolades include:

Awards Won:

  • Venice Film Festival 2003: Pasinetti Award for Best Film
  • Italian National Syndicate of Film Journalists 2004: Silver Ribbon for Best Director (Bernardo Bertolucci)


  • European Film Awards 2003: Best Actress (Eva Green)
  • Goya Awards 2004: Best European Film

Reviews & Reception

Critical Reception: "The Dreamers" received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised its boldness, cinematography, and performances (especially that of Eva Green in her film debut), others found it indulgent and lacking in narrative depth.

The film's explicit content was both a point of criticism and praise, with some viewing it as gratuitous and others as a brave exploration of youth and sexuality.

Roger Ebert, in his review, wrote, "Bertolucci has made more polished and considered films, but none more spontaneous and free." On the other hand, some critics felt the film's political backdrop was underutilized and overshadowed by the personal dramas of the main characters.

Audience Reception: The film found a niche audience, especially among cinephiles, due to its numerous references to classic films and its unapologetic portrayal of youth rebellion. Its NC-17 rating limited its theatrical release in certain regions, but it has since gained a cult following, especially among fans of Bertolucci's work.

Box Office Performance: Despite its limited release and the controversies surrounding its rating, "The Dreamers" managed to recoup its budget, grossing over $15.1 million worldwide. Its performance was particularly strong in European markets.

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