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Jonas Ball

Matthew R. Anderson

Matthew R. Anderson

Jon Huertas

Jon Huertas

Michael C. Williams

Michael C. Williams

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Jeff Prewett

Vanessa Johansson

Vanessa Johansson

"The Objective," a gripping science fiction thriller directed by Daniel Myrick, captivates audiences with its mysterious and suspenseful narrative. Released in 2008, the film explores the uncharted territories of Afghanistan, blending elements of war, supernatural intrigue, and the unknown.

Release Date and Director:

"The Objective" made its debut on April 24, 2008, under the skilled direction of Daniel Myrick.


Set in the harsh landscape of Afghanistan in 2002, "The Objective" follows a U.S. Special Forces team on a classified mission to locate a mysterious Muslim cleric in a remote region.

Led by CIA operative Ben Keynes (Jonas Ball), the team faces not only the challenges of the rugged terrain but also the eerie and inexplicable occurrences that begin to unfold.

As the team delves deeper into the heart of the Afghan mountains, they encounter inexplicable phenomena that challenge their understanding of reality.

The line between the natural and supernatural blurs, leading to a gripping exploration of the unknown and the complexities of human belief systems.

The film masterfully weaves together elements of military suspense, supernatural mystery, and psychological tension, creating an immersive experience for viewers.

Significance, Themes, and Why You Should Watch:

"The Objective" stands out for its unique blend of genres, offering a thought-provoking narrative that combines the tensions of war with supernatural elements.

The film prompts viewers to question the boundaries between perception and reality, belief and skepticism, all against the backdrop of a war-torn landscape.

The exploration of cultural clashes and the uncharted territories of the mind make "The Objective" a compelling watch for those seeking a film that goes beyond conventional war dramas.

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Production Details:

Directed by Daniel Myrick, known for his work on the iconic found-footage horror film "The Blair Witch Project," "The Objective" benefits from Myrick's ability to create tension and suspense through atmospheric storytelling.

The screenplay, co-written by Myrick and Mark A. Patton, skillfully combines elements of military drama with supernatural intrigue.

Filming took place in the desolate landscapes of Morocco, providing an authentic backdrop for the Afghan setting.

The production faced challenges in capturing the harsh conditions of the terrain, enhancing the film's realism and intensity. Despite a modest budget, the filmmakers successfully created a visually engaging and atmospheric experience.

Reception and Awards:

Critical Reception:

"The Objective" received mixed reviews from critics. While some praised its unique blend of genres and atmospheric tension, others found the narrative convoluted. The film's ability to keep audiences on the edge of their seats was widely acknowledged, but opinions on the resolution of its supernatural elements varied.

Audience Reception:

Audience reactions were diverse, with some viewers appreciating the film's originality and others finding its complexity challenging. "The Objective" found a niche audience intrigued by its unconventional approach to the war thriller genre.

Awards and Nominations:

While "The Objective" did not receive major awards or nominations, its innovative approach to storytelling earned it recognition in genre film festivals and discussions within the science fiction and thriller communities.

Trivia and Fun Facts:

  • The film's director, Daniel Myrick, is renowned for co-directing the groundbreaking found-footage horror film "The Blair Witch Project."
  • "The Objective" draws inspiration from real-life events, incorporating elements of Afghan culture and history into its narrative.
  • The cast includes Jonas Ball, Jon Huertas, and Matthew R. Anderson, delivering compelling performances that contribute to the film's tense atmosphere.
  • The filmmakers employed practical effects to create the supernatural elements, enhancing the film's authenticity.

Controversies and Interesting Stories:

"The Objective" sparked discussions due to its ambitious blend of genres, with some critics and viewers debating whether the film effectively balanced its war and supernatural elements.

The film's ambiguous conclusion also became a point of contention, leaving audiences with questions about the nature of the mysterious events depicted.

In conclusion, "The Objective" offers a unique cinematic experience, fusing war drama with supernatural intrigue.

While it may not be universally embraced, the film's ambition, atmospheric storytelling, and thought-provoking themes make it a compelling watch for those seeking an unconventional exploration of the unknown amidst the backdrop of war-torn Afghanistan.

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