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Javier Gutiérrez

Javier Gutiérrez

Mario Casas

Mario Casas

Bruna Cusí

Bruna Cusí

Ruth Díaz

Ruth Díaz

Iris Vallés Torres

Cristian Muñoz

David Ramírez

David Selvas

David Selvas

David Verdaguer

David Verdaguer

Vicky Luengo

Vicky Luengo

The psychological thriller genre has produced many gripping tales that delve into the darkest recesses of human behavior, confronting audiences with unsettling yet captivating narratives.

Among the most notable recent entries in this category is the 2020 film "The Occupant," a Spanish production directed by David Pastor and Àlex Pastor. The movie artfully intertwines ambition, morality, and desperation in an urban setting, and this article seeks to explore the film's plot, its talented cast, as well as its reception.


At its core, "The Occupant" is a compelling exploration of an individual's descent into obsession and the lengths one might go to reclaim a life they believe is rightfully theirs. Set against the backdrop of modern-day Barcelona, the film captures the fragility of success and the perils of unchecked ambition.


Javier Muñoz (played by Javier Gutiérrez) was once a successful advertising executive, living in a posh apartment with his family, enjoying all the trappings of an upscale life. But when he loses his job, his life starts to unravel.

Unable to maintain the lifestyle to which they've become accustomed, Javier and his family are forced to move to a more modest dwelling. However, Javier becomes obsessed with his former life and particularly his old apartment.

His obsession takes a dark turn when he begins to stalk the new occupants of his former residence. Using a spare set of keys, Javier infiltrates their lives, manipulating events to sow discord and tragedy in their household. His ultimate aim? To regain his lost apartment and, in his mind, his lost life.


The success of "The Occupant" owes much to its stellar cast. Leading the charge is Javier Gutiérrez, whose portrayal of Javier Muñoz is both riveting and chilling.

His slow transition from a desperate, unemployed man to a cunning, manipulative force is executed with perfection. Mario Casas, as the unsuspecting new tenant Tomás, provides a compelling counterpoint to Gutiérrez's character, embodying the kind-hearted, unsuspecting victim of Javier's machinations.

Bruna Cusí plays Lara, Tomás's wife, who finds herself increasingly caught in Javier's intricate web of deceit. Their son, played by the young talent Raúl Rivas, further complicates the dynamics, adding layers to the unfolding drama. The ensemble cast works harmoniously to craft a narrative that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats.

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The Pastor brothers, David and Àlex, have meticulously crafted a film that is both visually stunning and narratively taut. Their attention to detail, from the design of Javier's upscale apartment to the subtle yet significant changes in the characters' wardrobes, paints a vivid picture of the life Javier lost and so desperately wants to reclaim.

Barcelona itself becomes a silent character in the story, with the directors using the city's architecture and streets to heighten the film's atmosphere. The contrast between the opulent spaces of the city's wealthier districts and the more modest areas Javier and his family are relegated to is palpable, providing a stark visual representation of his fall from grace.


"The Occupant" has garnered widespread acclaim, both from audiences and critics alike. Its slow-burn approach, combined with the mounting tension and unpredictability of the plot, has been hailed as a fresh take on the psychological thriller genre. Many critics have particularly praised Gutiérrez's performance, labeling it as one of his finest to date.

The film's exploration of societal values, the price of ambition, and the nature of obsession has sparked numerous discussions and debates, making it a favorite among film discussion circles. Furthermore, its success has significantly boosted the reputation of the Pastor brothers in the international film community, marking them as directors to watch in the coming years.

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