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Viggo Mortensen

Viggo Mortensen

Lindsay Duncan

Lindsay Duncan

Jeremy Cooper

Jeremy Cooper

Sheila Moore

Sheila Moore

Duncan Fraser

Duncan Fraser

David Longworth

David Longworth

Robert Koons

Robert Koons

David Bloom

David Bloom

Evan Hall

Codie Lucas Wilbee

Codie Lucas Wilbee

"The Reflecting Skin" is a haunting and visually striking drama released in 1990, directed by Philip Ridley. This enigmatic film stands as a unique piece of cinema, weaving together elements of horror, coming-of-age, and Southern Gothic genres to create a mesmerizing and thought-provoking narrative.

Release Date and Director:

Philip Ridley's "The Reflecting Skin" premiered at the Cannes Film Festival in 1990 and later received a limited release in the United States on September 14, 1991.


Set in the idyllic yet eerie backdrop of 1950s Idaho, "The Reflecting Skin" follows the life of eight-year-old Seth Dove (Jeremy Cooper).

The story unfolds as Seth, in the innocence of his youth, becomes convinced that his mysterious neighbor, Dolphin Blue (Lindsay Duncan), is a vampire. This belief is fueled by a series of tragic events that befall the community, leading to a web of dark secrets and disturbing revelations.

As Seth navigates the complex dynamics of his troubled family and the peculiar occurrences in his small town, the film explores themes of loss, cruelty, and the blurred lines between reality and imagination.

The narrative is a surreal and atmospheric exploration of the human psyche, leaving viewers with lingering questions and a sense of haunting beauty.

Significance, Themes, and Why You Should Watch:

"The Reflecting Skin" stands out for its atmospheric storytelling and masterful cinematography, creating a dreamlike yet unsettling atmosphere. The film delves into the darker aspects of human nature, examining the impact of trauma on innocence and the cyclical nature of violence.

Viewers who appreciate films that challenge conventional narratives and offer a rich visual experience will find "The Reflecting Skin" to be a compelling and thought-provoking journey.

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Production Details:

Directed by Philip Ridley, the film was produced by Dominic Anciano and Ray Burdis. The screenplay, also penned by Ridley, showcases his ability to blend genres and create a narrative that is both atmospheric and emotionally resonant. Filming took place in Idaho, with the stark landscapes contributing to the film's unique visual tone.

Despite its low budget, the production faced challenges due to the unconventional nature of the script and Ridley's dedication to capturing a specific visual aesthetic. The film's limited resources ultimately added to its distinct and memorable style.

Reception and Awards:

"The Reflecting Skin" received mixed reviews upon its release, with some critics praising its atmospheric qualities and thematic depth, while others found its narrative challenging. Over the years, however, the film has gained a cult following and is recognized for its unique artistic vision.

While not a major box office success, "The Reflecting Skin" earned acclaim at film festivals and received nominations for the Palme d'Or at Cannes and the Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival.

Trivia and Fun Facts:

  • The film marked Philip Ridley's directorial debut, showcasing his talent for blending surrealism with emotional storytelling.
  • Viggo Mortensen, who plays Cameron Dove in the film, delivers a standout performance, foreshadowing his later success as an actor.
  • The title of the film, "The Reflecting Skin," is a metaphor for the mirroring of societal ugliness in the lives of the characters.

"The Reflecting Skin" remains a distinctive and evocative piece of cinema, offering a unique viewing experience for those who appreciate atmospheric storytelling and thought-provoking themes.

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