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Who's in it?

Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu

Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu

Gene Bervoets

Gene Bervoets

Johanna ter Steege

Johanna ter Steege

Gwen Eckhaus

Pierre Forget

Pierre Forget

Bernadette Le Saché

Bernadette Le Saché

Tania Latarjet

Lucille Glenn

Roger Souza

Roger Souza

Caroline Appéré

"The Vanishing" has long held the attention of film enthusiasts and critics alike. At its core, the movie is a gripping tale that dives deep into the human psyche, exploring themes of obsession, morality, and the lengths one will go to uncover the truth. Its eerie narrative and compelling characters make it a standout in the suspense genre.


"The Vanishing" centers on the mysterious disappearance of a young woman during a vacation with her boyfriend. The story unfolds in two primary threads. One follows the boyfriend, Rex, who becomes consumed with finding out what happened to his partner, Saskia.

Despite years going by, his obsession does not wane. He searches incessantly, posting flyers and revisiting the location of her disappearance, much to the distress of his new girlfriend.

The second narrative thread introduces the audience to Raymond, a meticulous man with a seemingly ordinary life. However, beneath the facade, he harbors dark intentions.

As the film progresses, it becomes clear that Raymond's and Rex's lives are intertwined in the most haunting way. The movie culminates in a chilling finale, revealing the horrifying truth behind Saskia's disappearance and challenging the audience's perceptions of heroism and villainy.


The success of "The Vanishing" largely rests on the powerful performances of its lead actors. Rex, played by Gene Bervoets, perfectly captures the agony of someone haunted by a missing loved one. His portrayal presents a man driven to the brink, constantly teetering between hope and despair.

Meanwhile, Bernard-Pierre Donnadieu, who plays Raymond, brings to life one of cinema's most unsettling antagonists. With a calm demeanor hiding a twisted psyche, Donnadieu's performance is both compelling and terrifying, making Raymond's character unforgettable.

Other notable cast members include Johanna ter Steege as Saskia, Rex's missing girlfriend, and Gwen Eckhaus as Lieneke, Rex's new partner. Their performances add depth and dimension to the storyline, grounding the film's more intense moments.

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The creation of "The Vanishing" was a journey in itself. The director, George Sluizer, had a clear vision for the film, aiming to create a suspense-driven narrative that eschewed the conventional violent climax often seen in thrillers. His approach was methodical, mirroring the movie's antagonist, Raymond.

Shot primarily in France and the Netherlands, the film's locations play a significant role in establishing its tense atmosphere. The vast, sprawling landscapes juxtapose the confinement and entrapment experienced by the characters, particularly in the haunting scenes at the gas station where Saskia disappears.

The setting, isolated and surrounded by an expanse of emptiness, becomes a silent character in the story, amplifying the film's sense of foreboding.

Further, Sluizer's decision to avoid the typical Hollywood ending in the original European release was a risk. This deviation from convention was not only brave but set "The Vanishing" apart, making it a cult classic. However, the American remake, also directed by Sluizer a few years later, opted for a more traditional resolution, leading to mixed reviews.


Upon its release, "The Vanishing" garnered widespread critical acclaim, particularly in Europe. Critics lauded the film's pacing, character development, and its ability to grip the audience without resorting to cheap thrills. The psychological tension, bolstered by standout performances, drew comparisons to Hitchcock's finest works.

The box office performance was modest but respectable, particularly given its non-mainstream approach. However, where "The Vanishing" truly shone was in its lasting impact. Over the years, the movie has been celebrated in many retrospectives and has become a benchmark in discussions about psychological thrillers.

Awards and nominations followed, cementing "The Vanishing" as a cinematic masterpiece. While the American remake polarized fans and critics, the original's legacy remained untarnished, continuing to captivate new generations of viewers.

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