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Chuck Connors

Chuck Connors

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Jocelyn Jones

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Jon Van Ness

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Robin Sherwood

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Tanya Roberts

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Dawn Jeffory

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Keith McDermott


Victoria Richart

Millie Dill

"Tourist Trap," a horror film released in 1979, directed by David Schmoeller, is a chilling journey into the macabre.

The film weaves a suspenseful narrative that combines elements of supernatural horror with a psychological thriller. With its release on March 16, 1979, "Tourist Trap" has become a cult classic within the horror genre.


The plot of "Tourist Trap" unfolds when a group of friends on a road trip finds themselves stranded in a remote area. Seeking help, they stumble upon a peculiar and seemingly deserted tourist attraction.

As they explore the eerie locale, they discover a collection of lifelike mannequins that eerily resemble humans.

As the group delves deeper into the mystery, they uncover the horrifying secrets behind the seemingly abandoned tourist trap and realize they are not alone.

The film masterfully blends elements of the supernatural with psychological horror, creating an atmosphere of constant dread and tension. As the friends attempt to escape, they face a series of terrifying encounters that challenge their sanity and survival.

Significance, Themes, and Why You Should Watch:

"Tourist Trap" stands out for its atmospheric tension and inventive approach to horror. The film explores themes of isolation, madness, and the uncanny, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats.

It offers a unique blend of supernatural horror and psychological thriller elements, making it a captivating watch for fans of the genre.

The film's significance lies in its ability to create a sense of unease through its eerie setting, haunting musical score, and the unsettling presence of the lifelike mannequins. "Tourist Trap" is a gripping experience that keeps audiences engaged with its unpredictable twists and turns.

If you appreciate horror films that go beyond conventional scares and delve into the psychological aspects of fear, "Tourist Trap" is a must-watch. The film's ability to create a pervasive sense of dread and its unexpected narrative twists make it a standout in the horror genre.

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Production Details:

Directed by David Schmoeller, "Tourist Trap" benefits from the director's skillful execution of suspense and horror. The film's production faced challenges in creating the lifelike mannequins, requiring innovative techniques to achieve a convincingly unsettling effect.

Filming took place in California, with the location contributing to the film's desolate and isolated atmosphere. The remote setting adds to the characters' sense of vulnerability and intensifies the overall horror experience.

Despite its modest budget, "Tourist Trap" achieved a notable impact, proving that effective storytelling and atmospheric tension can compensate for financial constraints. The film's box office success demonstrated the enduring appeal of well-crafted horror.

Reception and Awards:

Critical Reception:

"Tourist Trap" received a mixed critical reception upon its release. While some praised its atmospheric horror and inventive approach, others found fault with certain elements of the plot. The film's ability to create a genuinely unsettling atmosphere and its unique take on the horror genre were widely acknowledged.

Audience Reception:

Over the years, "Tourist Trap" has garnered a dedicated cult following among horror enthusiasts. The film's distinctive style, combined with its eerie ambiance, has contributed to its enduring popularity. Fans appreciate the film's ability to evoke a sense of fear that extends beyond typical horror tropes.

Awards and Nominations:

While "Tourist Trap" did not receive major awards, its lasting impact on the horror genre has earned it recognition within the cult film community. The film's ability to create a memorable and unsettling experience has solidified its place in the pantheon of cult classics.

Trivia and Fun Facts:

Unconventional Casting Choices:

"Tourist Trap" features Chuck Connors, known for his roles in Westerns and television, in an unconventional role as the film's antagonist. Connors' performance adds a layer of unpredictability to the character, contributing to the film's overall sense of unease.

Influence on Subsequent Horror Films:

Despite being a relatively modest production, "Tourist Trap" has influenced subsequent horror films, particularly those that explore psychological horror and supernatural elements. Its impact is evident in the way filmmakers approach creating tension through atmosphere and unconventional storytelling.

Controversies and Urban Legends:

Over the years, "Tourist Trap" has become the subject of various urban legends and rumors. Some stories suggest that the mannequins used in the film were haunted or cursed, adding an extra layer of mystique to the production. While these tales are unfounded, they contribute to the film's reputation as a genuinely eerie experience.


"Tourist Trap" remains a distinctive entry in the horror genre, known for its atmospheric tension, inventive approach, and lasting impact on cult film enthusiasts.

As a psychological thriller with supernatural elements, the film offers a unique and unsettling viewing experience that transcends traditional horror conventions.

For those who appreciate horror that challenges expectations and explores the darker corners of the human psyche, "Tourist Trap" is a captivating and memorable journey into the macabre.

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