Coherence (2013) Review: A Cosmic Puzzle Wrapped in Domestic Drama

Lila Sommers

Lila Sommers


The Complexities of Simplicity: A Review of "Coherence"

In an era saturated with high-budget science fiction films that rely on CGI-heavy visuals and bombastic action sequences, James Ward Byrkit's "Coherence" emerges as a breath of fresh air. Released in 2013, the movie presents a deceptively simple yet highly convoluted narrative, focusing on a group of friends who come together for a dinner party. When a comet passes close to Earth, the evening soon descends into chaos and confusion, compelling viewers to wrestle with questions of identity, reality, and the fabric of the universe itself.

At the heart of "Coherence" is its minimalist approach. Shot on a modest budget, the movie doesn't require high-tech effects or elaborate sets to engross its audience. In fact, most of the film takes place within the confines of a single house, forcing viewers to pay attention to dialogue, character interactions, and subtle details. Byrkit employs handheld camera work to give an almost voyeuristic look into the lives of these characters, making the unfolding narrative feel even more intimate and claustrophobic. There are no superheroes, no space ships, and certainly no laser guns. Instead, we get a group of ordinary individuals grappling with extraordinary circumstances, making their struggles immensely relatable.

The characters themselves, portrayed by a relatively unknown yet talented ensemble cast, bring the story to life with their nuanced performances. These are flawed, relatable people, and their idiosyncrasies and complex relationships set the stage for the escalating tension. As the night progresses and the group starts experiencing bizarre occurrences—such as power outages, mysterious notes, and doppelgängers—the interpersonal dynamics shift dramatically. Trust is eroded, and self-interest overtakes group solidarity. The characters' declining trust in one another serves as a mirror for the audience's own deteriorating confidence in their grasp of the film's reality.

However, what truly sets "Coherence" apart is its intricate, mind-bending narrative structure. The film doesn't just dabble in sci-fi tropes for the sake of aesthetics or shallow thrill; it dives headlong into quantum mechanics, alternate realities, and the idea of a multiverse, using these concepts as essential elements of its story. While many science fiction movies touch on these subjects in superficial ways, "Coherence" makes them central to its narrative and themes. And yet, despite its complexities, the film never gets bogged down by technical jargon or lofty theories. Everything is woven seamlessly into the unfolding drama, making the scientific aspects not just palatable but integral to the story's impact.

That being said, "Coherence" is not without its shortcomings. Its minimalistic approach, while mostly effective, occasionally borders on being too bare-bones. Characters sometimes make decisions that serve the plot more than their established personalities, causing certain moments to feel forced. Moreover, because the film requires active engagement to follow its twisting narrative, it may alienate viewers looking for a more straightforward, escapist experience.

Still, the film’s merits far outweigh its flaws. One of its most intriguing aspects is the way it rewards multiple viewings. Because of its layered narrative and subtle details, you can watch "Coherence" several times and still discover new facets of its complex puzzle. This gives the film a longevity that's rare in a genre often dominated by disposable entertainment.

In conclusion, "Coherence" is a compelling exercise in the power of storytelling with limited resources. It showcases that intellectual stimulation and emotional resonance can be achieved without the bells and whistles of typical blockbuster fare. By focusing on human behavior under extreme circumstances and skillfully integrating scientific concepts into its narrative, the film not only entertains but also provokes thought. It's a testament to the idea that sometimes less truly is more, and it serves as a compelling argument for the merits of independent filmmaking in an industry increasingly focused on scale and spectacle. With "Coherence," James Ward Byrkit proves that even a small film can tackle big ideas, offering viewers an unsettling yet riveting cinematic experience.

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